It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! After much preparation, the highly awaited gathering for creatives all over the African sphere- Fame Week Africa– had taken place from September the 3rd, to the 9th 2023.

This year we as Ikasi Creative, 2-year MIP Africa CSI nominee, readied for an eventful week filled to the brim with exciting developments. This had been aimed at creative brackets like television, animation, and filming, as well as an emphasis on the power held within collaboration.

The Ikasi Creative stand had shown success stories as said by Ikasi alumni, and throughout the course of our three days spent at Fame Week Africa, we were able to state who and what we’re about exactly. In return, this had graced us with an opportunity to hold many-a-conversations with creatives of the same mind.

But Wait, There's More!

During the Fame Week festivities, Day 1 had seen our very own managing director Lamise Inglis on a panel discussion centered on the impact of tv/film schools on education and society, and the uncovering of skills that has enabled the growth of creativity set forth to uplift communities.

Our RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) had also been a topic of discussion, at Fame Week Africa. Led by Natalie Delport Louw, we were able to launch the program on Day 1- which tackles the issue of individuals who have restricted access to work opportunities and formal education. This further showcasing Ikasi’s active strive of transforming the media and film industry! 

Events Upon Events, Upon Events, Upon Events

Fame Week Africa had also hosted many other exhibitions and meetings, suchlike the Netflix Meetings Arena, which promoted an opportunity for one-on-one pre-scheduled meetings between African and international talents. 

Just when you thought that was all though, Fame Week had a couple more tricks up its sleeve! The Women in Entertainment Breakfast with Mo Abudu was well-talked about too. Nothing short of a motivational-filled talk, she captured the audience with her personal life story and her future plans of reshaping the media field for women.

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