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We are a BBBEE Level 1 company and 100% female owned with 97% Black beneficiaries. 

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Our dedicated donors are proud to be part of our work - they love to see their investment change lives and tell stories that captivate and educate rural youth. Some sponsors love to stay anonymous yet keep in touch with the wonderful impact of iKasi's work through our website and newsletter. Donate as an SME or large corporate and support work that is bringing positive change.


We are a Public Benefit Organisation and can supply a Section 18A certificate as an additional tax benefit. ADD UP TO 30 POINTS TO YOUR BBBEE SCORECARD by donating to any one of our programmes: our accredited Learnership Programme, our Enterprise Development Programme (including Employment Stimulus) and our Social Economic Programmes, working on Rural Media Awareness.


Do you have your own creative story to tell by partnering with iKasi Media and one of our programmes? We’re happy to weave your CSI aims into our one-of-a kind offering to rural youth. We train, impacting education and career readiness. We offer life skills, leaving rural youth forever changed and we back rural storytellers, bringing themes and educational content to life.

We look forward to growing this partnership

FAME Week Africa provides a platform for African creatives to fast track their careers thought conversations, networking and learning. Our partnership with iKasi will highlight the incredible work that they are doing with the youth in the film, television and multimedia space by not only showcasing their student’s work but also providing this creative content creators with the opportunity to connect, be inspired and be part of important conversations. We look forward to growing this partnership.

- FAME Week Africa