Great Stories Begin at Home

We know that the best stories are told by the very people who have lived them. Vivid descriptions, cultural sensitivity, and a deep heart knowledge of the characters involved are what set community-voiced stories well apart from stories told by the most experienced writer.

We call out and nurture these stories. We train rural youth to tell their stories and broadcast their voices to the nation.

iKasi Voices  is a 13-part series of short episodes made up of our graduate’s content from across the country.

We are iKasi Creative.

We know that digital media tells a story and gives a voice to a generation. As digital media takes its place in a digital revolution we open up opportunities for rural youth to participate in the new creative economy. So we reach out with our DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATOR programmes. Our goal is to see massive change brought to rural youth through employment, job creation and entrepreneurial development.

Helping you celebrate Diversity and Transformation

iKasi Creative Media is a non-profit level 1 B-BBEE contributor. We assist media companies to meet their B-BBEE obligations through our accredited skills development programmes and unaccredited training.


iKasi Media’s Vision is to give hope and purpose to marginalized and previously disadvantaged youth classified as NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) in South Africa.

Inspiring Youth to Dream
                      Beyond Their Borders



This 4-day crash course introduces you to the career pathways in film and digital media (film lets you work your way from bottom to top). Workshops help us select the students with the passion and potential to train further iKasi Workshops teach you the skills (shots, lighting, directing and more) you need to start filming on the equipment that is right in your hands: your cell phone.


Step off and learn a range of film skills in this introductory programme. The course begins with storytelling and then explores the basic technical skills required for video production using accessible technology like your mobile phone. The goal of the course is to develop your own film piece and content for iKasi Voices and broadcast on a local television channel.


Our learnership is the perfect incubator for young content creators to upskill and gain film making skills. In this course you will add to your boot camp skills and get experience in photography, web design, podcasts, social media marketing; small business development and even drone operation. Step out of this incubator with your content creator skills powered up and ready to go.






Lika Berning

Founding Director

Lamise Inglis

Managing Director

Khanya Sosibo