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 RPL programme

Recognise Prior Learning through IKASI CREATIVE

iKasi Creative, an accredited Skills Development Provider (SDP), is actively engaged in driving the transformation of the film and media industry. We understand that many individuals have faced disadvantages due to limited access to formal education and work opportunities, and numerous industries are striving to address this issue. 

In the creative industry, professionals have acquired substantial experience over time but lack formal qualifications to support their expertise. This puts them at a significant disadvantage when higher-level opportunities arise, where documentation becomes essential. At iKasi, we believe that our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program can rectify this situation.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges the knowledge and skills individuals have acquired through their experiences and matches them with eligible qualifications. RPL takes into account various forms of learning, including formal, non-formal, and informal. 

This encompasses learning from different programs, workshops, and on-the-job training. RPL can also benefit those who may not meet the entry requirements for a formal course but possess relevant experience. However, it’s important to note that we are not currently offering this option.

The Advantages of RPL

In today’s job market, possessing a relevant qualification has become increasingly necessary for specific positions and career advancement.

RPL provides an ideal solution, enabling individuals to obtain a qualification in their field while requiring minimal time investment to submit a portfolio of evidence. RPL offers the following advantages:

  • Assists candidates in obtaining a formal qualification in less time

  • Provides more people with the opportunity to gain a qualification after completing matric

  • Recognizes the value of work experience and lifelong learning
  • Facilitates career advancement by acquiring a formal qualification
How Does RPL Work?

RPL is a process of gathering evidence. To qualify, a candidate’s skills must be relevant to the desired qualification or unit standard/s. 

To initiate the RPL process, candidates must submit an Application for RPL Assessment to iKasi. 

An assigned assessor conducts a pre-assessment interview, typically lasting around 2 hours, during which they collaborate with the candidate to determine their competence in relation to the identified qualification. In some cases, the assessor may recommend further training. Following this meeting, the assessor and candidate agree on the administration of the RPL assessment.

Candidates are required to provide evidence of the skills and knowledge they have acquired, whether through formal or informal means. The assessor evaluates the evidence and determines if the candidate’s prior knowledge and skills are relevant to the qualification outcomes, identifying any additional training required.


Examples of evidence that candidates may be asked to submit include:

  • Detailed CV

  • References

  • Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) capturing competency-based evidence

  • Academic transcripts or Statement of Results

  • Awards or certificates

  • Product samples

  • Video or audio recordings

What Are the Costs Involved?

It’s important to note that an RPL assessment is not a shortcut to a qualification, nor is it necessarily a cost-saving measure. The process involves intense academic scrutiny and requires the involvement of skilled assessors, moderators, and administrative personnel. If the RPL assessment applicant is employed, iKasi will engage with the company’s HR department to discuss the process. Employers who cover the costs of RPL assessments may benefit from tax incentives and meeting BBBEE skills development points. If candidates are unemployed or freelancers, unable to afford the costs, they can contact iKasi to inquire about potential funding options. Terms and conditions will apply.


How do I apply?

 For more information email or call 087 164 8400 or WhatsApp 081 219 3526

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Today my dream is within my grasp

My journey with the Ikasi Media program was quite interesting. I joined after I've been in the film industry for about 3 years but never had training or done a course. The course taught me to understand my job so much better because we had so much opportunities from working with people from the industry to creating your own content. I'm very grateful for Ikasi Media and hoping to have continues relationship with the team.

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