Do you have valuable work and life experience but no qualification? Are you frustrated because you must relearn things that you already know? 

At iKasi Creative, we aim to empower our learners. With that in mind, we will be launching an exciting initiative which will transform the film and media industry. This will be offered through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) as an addition to our training services. Many disadvantaged individuals, for a number of reasons, have not had the opportunity to gain a qualification through studies but they may have years and years of experience. This means they have gathered all the skills required to do the job but they do not have any paperwork to prove their competencies. This becomes a barrier when it comes to promotions or moving on to more senior positions which require a qualification.  

How can RPL help?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is all about matching the experience, skills and knowledge gained throughout your working career to the outcomes needed in the qualification of your field. In this way, you could get a qualification in your respective field without having to do any actual tests or exams. 

How does RPL work?

Recognition of Prior Learning is all about evidence gathering. Your skills will need to relate to the qualification that you would like to achieve. To begin the process, you would need to put in an Application for the RPL Assessment to iKasi Creative will assign assessors, moderators and other administrative personnel to you  to assist you through the process. Pre-assessment interviews would take place and during this time, your assessor would identify your competencies and match them to the relevant criteria. You would then need to provide evidence of skills and experiences obtained. You may be required to provide the following evidence: 

  • Detailed CV
  • References
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Statement of Results 
  • Awards and certifications 
  • Video and audio recordings

If there are any gaps, these could be filled by testing or training sessions. You will be credited for skills and experiences gained through formal, informal and non-formal learning.

Why should you choose RPL?

RPL has many benefits, not only for you as an RPL candidate but also for the employer: 


  • Provides you with a qualification.
  • Increases work productivity.
  • Provides acknowledgement of existing skills and experiences.
  • Improve your self-confidence.


  • Identify “skill gaps” and promote lifelong learning.
  • Assist with effective recruitment.
  • Reduce training costs. 
  • Have an advantage by having qualified employees.


RPL can contribute to improving your employability, mobility, lifelong learning, social inclusion and self-esteem. 

What are the costs involved?

RPL is not to be used as a substitute to gain a qualification. There will be costs involved, a skilled assessor, moderator as well as other administrative personnel would need to be compensated. 

If you are employed, the process could be discussed with your company’s HR department. Your employer could cover the costs, whereby they will receive a tax reduction (18A certificate) as well as BBEEE skills development points. If you are a freelancer and unable to pay the costs, you could speak to someone at iKasi to find out about the availability of sponsorships and funding. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, send us a message on WhatsApp at 081 219 3526 or email us on 

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