Awareness and Recruitment programme.

Take your first step with a 4-Day Workshop
Learn about: 

  • Career pathways in Film and Media
  • Creating content on your mobile phone
  • Health and Safety
  • Life Skills and personal management

More about the DMCC Workshops

Workshops help us identify filmmakers with the potential to go into Bootcamp and Incubator. We get to know each learner and see how readily they take on basic life-skills, tasks and training right from the start.  

Skills and Content Creation Programme

Dive into a skills intensive 3 Month NQF Level 4 accredited programme 
You will experience : 

  • Proposal writing and developing a treatment
  • Funding and budgeting for a production
  • Developing a script and storyboarding 
  • Production management
  • Production design and art department
  • Camera operation mobile devices and entry-level DSLR
  • Grips, lights and mounts
  • Recording sound
  • Editing : Premiere Pro and mobile devices
  • Audio final mix

More about the DMCC Bootcamp

Welcome to iKasi’s in-depth skills programme that lets you tell your story as you learn filmmaking skills from industry experts. They will guide you as you write your story, script it and shout “Action!” on set. Then finally you will learn to edit and add audio to your creation ready for distribution on iKasi Voices on CTTV. No matter which role you love on set or off, there is a skills set just for you.

It’s all on equipment you will always have access to: your phone as well as professional DSLR cameras that help you take first steps into the film industry.  

Content Creation and Industry Experience

Commit to this 1 year long, registered NQF Level 4 Qualification

The training modules are workshops that combine theory (done online) and practical projects (developed at home) for iKasi Voices. 

DMCC Incubator develops our students to become: Filmmaker, Photographer, Videographer, Social Media Administrator, Blogger/Vlogger, Newsletter Designer and Website Designer. 

More about the DMCC Incubator


  • Understanding digital content
  • Content platforms
  • Social media management
  • Web design
  • App design
  • Production Design & Art Dept
  • Basic Photography techniques for DSLR
  • Graphic design for App/Web/Social Media
  • Graphic design for newsletters and print
  • Podcasts and recording audio
  • Internet radio platforms
  • Producing video content
  • Understanding marketing and promotions
  • Monetising your content
  • Understanding trends and varied audiences
  • Working within a budget and to deadline (project and time       management)
  • Media/Data Management
  • Civic Journalism

Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions is an online space where our students gather top film industry knowledge from industry players and leaders.

We know that knowledge is power and that experience is the best teacher. At Spark Sessions, experts in their field generously share their knowledge and expertise with you. We are your direct line to top industry players – ask your burning questions and develop yourself by learning from the best.

It’s free to all iKasi Creatives once they have completed their first DMCC Workshop. Of course others can also join too – for a donation. 

Dreams Realised


Dreams Realised


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